Use Backpack Water Filters – Know the truth

When you go camping or hiking, drinking plenty of water is essential to ensure that you stay hydrated and have enough strength to complete your journey. However, on such excursions, you do not have too many good options when it comes to drinking water. You can take bottled water with you. But do you really want to be carrying around all that extra weight? Or even put that kind of strain on your back and neck? Plus, water you bring with you will always be lukewarm.

Another option is to drink from the rivers and lakes that you encounter. But that water could be contaminated with animal waste, industrial pollution, animal corpses, and all kinds of other things; and all those could make you sick.look here best hiking water filter.

Boiling water takes a lot of time and effort. There is, however, one simple, lightweight and easy solution: backpack water filters.

A backpack water filter is light and portable and will allow you to purify lake or river water before you drink it. Many such filters include a pre-filter, which will get rid of larger particles: dirt or sediment. Then the filter itself will treat the water with chemicals to kill off any harmful microbes and eliminate harmful substances. On the average these filters can handle a quart of water a minute.

Backpack filters, it is important to note, work better than iodine tablets. Iodine tablets are popular with some campers but they do not always kill off all the parasites living in lake water.